What HCAN does with your donations
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What HCAN Does with your donations

Everyone deserves to live a healthy life. And there’s more to health than just exercising, eating right, and making good choices. It’s about having regular access to a doctor, being able to afford medications for chronic diseases, and overcoming barriers that can prevent people from having good health outcomes.

Health Care Access Now (HCAN) trains and dispatches Community Health Workers (CHWs) to build rapport with clients and identify what obstacles could be blocking a person’s fundamental right to good health. CHWs educate and advocate for clients, as well as connecting them with services that can help them clear health hurdles. Insurance handles some—but not all—of HCAN’s care coordination costs.

Small amounts do big work

Donating even a small amount to HCAN can make a big difference in the community. If you give between $5 and $30, you provide a client health education, an immunization screening, a social services connection, a medication assessment, a medical home connection, or a smoking cessation program.

Any of those services can put an HCAN client on the path toward good health outcomes. For example, when you give $15, you’re helping a CHW discover and connect a client to a relevant social services agency. Many of HCAN’s clients are in situations where that kind of connection could change their lives. For example, you may be helping a vulnerable client who lives in a food desert to access vouchers for more nutritious food.

Give more so HCAN can give more

By giving $100, you provide a laptop to CHWs for client visits. Having a laptop allows CHWs to look up information and connect clients with resources more quickly. They also can make records and track their efforts more easily and efficiently.

HCAN’s CHWs serve two populations: those in need of Adult Health Care Coordination and those who benefit from Maternal and Child Health Care Coordination. CHWs who work in Maternal and Child Health often need to assist mothers with gathering supplies before the birth of their child. If you give $250, you provide a connection to baby resources for a crib and/or a car seat.

CHWs do so much. They serve up to 75 different clients a year: making home visits, checking in regularly, transporting clients to and from medical appointments, providing education, making connections, and just acting as support. For $500, you sponsor a CHW, impacting the lives of so many people across the Cincinnati area.

Whether you can give a little or a lot, donations to HCAN make a tangible difference in the community. Make a one-time or a recurring donation. Please give what you can to the HCAN Resiliency Fund.

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