What is a medical home?

What is a medical home and why does it matter?

A medical home is “when a patient sees a regular doctor, and the physician’s office has full knowledge of the client’s medical history,” says LaVerne Wiley.  As a Registered Nurse, Wiley was instrumental in the development of the Community Health Worker (CHW) education and certification program at Health Care Access Now (HCAN). Although she retired […]

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What HCAN does with your donations

What HCAN Does with your donations

Everyone deserves to live a healthy life. And there’s more to health than just exercising, eating right, and making good choices. It’s about having regular access to a doctor, being able to afford medications for chronic diseases, and overcoming barriers that can prevent people from having good health outcomes. Health Care Access Now (HCAN) trains […]

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Cincinnati Community Health Worker

Tessa Johnson: Building relationships to make a difference

During the first year Tessa Johnson worked as a paraprofessional for the Cincinnati Public School system, she felt overwhelmed. She knew the children she helped needed more than just school support. Understanding she couldn’t reach everyone was a tough pill to swallow.  But she persevered, and now she gets messages from former students thanking her […]

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Mercy Health Hub partnership

Kimberley Stephens: Lowering the mortality rate, raising spirits

Kimberley Stephens likes to plant seeds in the community. “Sometimes you see the flower bloom, but sometimes you just know that the seeds have been planted and have the potential to grow,” she says.  Stephens is the Manager of Prenatal Outreach for Mercy Health. “We’re in the communities working with women during the prenatal stage […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Health Care Access Now announces new Hub partnership with Mercy Health

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Healthcare Access Now is excited to announce that Mercy Health is a new partner in the HCAN Pathways Community Hub (Hub). HCAN is the Hub for the Cincinnati region. Agencies can partner with HCAN to implement the Hub model.  The Hub model breaks down typical barriers to good health outcomes by identifying […]

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Maternal and Child Health Care

Jade Glover: A new calling and a difference made

Lots of people want to make a difference in the world, but Jade Glover is actually doing it. She came to her current position as a Community Health Worker after spending 10 years working in a hospital.  “I was about halfway through the nursing program when I realized I was on the wrong path for […]

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Butler County Educational Service Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Coya Taylor: Healthy babies in Butler County

As an RN and the Medicaid Program Supervisor at the Butler County Educational Service Center (BCESC), Coya Taylor supervises a group of Community Health Workers (CHWs) who are a part of a Medicaid grant for reducing infant mortality. “We’re the lead entity for the grant in Butler County, partnering with six other agencies.” “Our grant […]

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The Federal Poverty Level is holding us back

“The current public assistance program structure creates economic disincentives for individuals to strive toward career advancement and rise out of poverty”. —Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation The Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, researches and analyzes gender based income inequities. They are the “region’s expert on the status of women’s economic self-sufficiency”. […]

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Denis Harris, Maternal and Child Health Care Coordination Supervisor

Reducing infant mortality and low birth weight with Denise Harris

Denise Harris is the Maternal and Child Health Care Coordination Supervisor for Health Care Access Now (HCAN). That means she leads a team of five Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs) who help remove impediments for pregnant mothers, with the end goal being reduced infant mortality and low birth weight rates. Stillbirth rates vary based on ethnicity. […]

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