What is a medical home?

What is a medical home and why does it matter?

A medical home is “when a patient sees a regular doctor, and the physician’s office has full knowledge of the client’s medical history,” says LaVerne Wiley.  As a Registered Nurse, Wiley was instrumental in the development of the Community Health Worker (CHW) education and certification program at Health Care Access Now (HCAN). Although she retired […]

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What HCAN does with your donations

What HCAN Does with your donations

Everyone deserves to live a healthy life. And there’s more to health than just exercising, eating right, and making good choices. It’s about having regular access to a doctor, being able to afford medications for chronic diseases, and overcoming barriers that can prevent people from having good health outcomes. Health Care Access Now (HCAN) trains […]

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Mental Health and the Holidays

Mental health and the holidays: stress and expectations can displace cheer

The holidays are meant to be a joyful time. You’re supposed to be filled with cheer, take time to reconnect with family, and enjoy the process of giving and receiving gifts. You’re supposed to make memories that will be cherished for years to come.  Decorate, cook, bake, buy, wrap, plan, budget, sacrifice: A lot falls […]

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Cincinnati Community Health Worker

April Biggers: Vital part of the community

April Biggers joined the Community Health Worker (CHW) program at Health Care Access Now (HCAN) on the advice of a friend—now co-worker—who raved about the position. “I knew I wanted a career, not just a job. I wanted somewhere I could grow and flourish. I wanted to be able to make a difference,” she says. […]

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