Opioid Addiction Ohio

The opioid epidemic: Black community disproportionately affected

The COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated many existing societal problems, including addiction. Over the last year, “Deaths attributed to synthetic opioids, mainly fentanyl, increased 38 percent nationwide”. The Ohio death rate from opioid overdose was at its highest in 10 years during the second quarter of 2020. Three waves At the onset of the opioid crisis, […]

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Dr. Kamaria Tyehimba, Talbert House, Cincinnati, Ohio

Dr. Kamaria Tyehimba: Dismantling racial bias in addiction services

When the topic of addiction comes up, the opioid epidemic is currently top of mind for most people. How do you think about those who are addicted to prescription pain relievers, heroin, or fentanyl? Does race affect whether you label the addict as a victim or a villain? It shouldn’t. Dr. Kamaria Tyehimba, who oversees […]

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Talbert House, Cincinnati, OH

Larry Lindeman: Touching hundreds of lives

Larry Lindeman trained as a child and family therapist. Realizing his aptitude for process engineering, he moved into a management role and has been able to increase financially sustainable programming at outpatient offices for Talbert House as the Director of Outpatient Behavior Health Services in Hamilton County. “In my initial work, I was helping an […]

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Identifying implicit bias will improve health outcomes

Two phrases that show implicit bias in mental health services

Everyone – even those with the best intentions – holds implicit biases towards others. This happens because your brain takes shortcuts and makes snap judgments based on what’s familiar to you, particularly when you’re in high-stakes situations. A lot of mental health providers have considered their own implicit biases and moved toward correcting them. But […]

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Mercy Health Hub partnership

Kimberley Stephens: Lowering the mortality rate, raising spirits

Kimberley Stephens likes to plant seeds in the community. “Sometimes you see the flower bloom, but sometimes you just know that the seeds have been planted and have the potential to grow,” she says.  Stephens is the Manager of Prenatal Outreach for Mercy Health. “We’re in the communities working with women during the prenatal stage […]

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Pathways to the Future

2020 has been a tragic year full of fear, a lot of illness and death. But Design Impact, a social justice nonprofit based in Cincinnati, Ohio, wants you to see there is a sun trying to peek through the rain clouds. In their recent Pathways to the Future report, they outline six emerging opportunities for […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Health Care Access Now seeks to end health disparities through voter engagement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Healthcare Access Now (HCAN) has initiated a campaign to eliminate health disparities by encouraging its clients to engage in their community by voting.  HCAN’s leadership and workforce believe that health inequality is a direct result of racial and socio-economic bias built into the healthcare system. HCAN acknowledges the link between health and […]

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Denis Harris, Maternal and Child Health Care Coordination Supervisor

Reducing infant mortality and low birth weight with Denise Harris

Denise Harris is the Maternal and Child Health Care Coordination Supervisor for Health Care Access Now (HCAN). That means she leads a team of five Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs) who help remove impediments for pregnant mothers, with the end goal being reduced infant mortality and low birth weight rates. Stillbirth rates vary based on ethnicity. […]

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Dr. Collins, Health Care Access Now board chair

Dr. Robert Collins: HCAN board visionary

Dr. Robert Collins spent much of his career in private practice. He moved into administrative work as the Executive Medical Director of Bethesda North and the now-closed Bethesda Oak. While at that position, he became aware of Health Care Access Now through a colleague who was a board member at the time.  Nine years ago, […]

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food scarcity, covid-19, cinncinnati

One person’s inconvenience is another’s serious consequence

Most people, in Ohio, and across the country (and the world!), have seen a shortage at their grocery store of food and other basic household items caused by the coronavirus pandemic. There are countless photos across the internet of empty toilet paper shelves. People posting their photos in both outrage and in hilarity. Whether you […]

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