PRESS RELEASE: Health Care Access Now receives sizeable grant to scale resources during pandemic


bi3, Bethesda Inc.’s grants initiative, has awarded Health Care Access Now (HCAN) $45,090 to build its capacity and training infrastructure through the purchase of Learning Management System (LMS) software. The software will allow HCAN to navigate pandemic restrictions more efficiently and effectively. Its use will also enable HCAN to scale its services.

  • HCAN will be able to provide virtual training for Community Health Workers (CHWs) through the use of an LMS. Additionally, CHWs will have access to resources and educational materials through the cloud, improving their effectiveness in the field. Their competency can then be measured through data collected by the LMS.
  • The LMS will automate many processes, allowing HCAN staff to concentrate on strategic initiatives and grow capacity for delivering the Pathways Community HUB model (Hub) by adding and onboarding new partner agencies. The Hub provides a wholistic evidence-based approach to health care coordination.

In response to the pandemic, bi3, Bethesda Inc.’s grants initiative, has selected healthcare not-for-profits to be awarded money for investment in resources allowing them to navigate challenges posed by virus spread prevention restrictions. bi3 has awarded Health Care Access Now (HCAN) $45,090 to put toward accessing and implementing Learning Management System (LMS) software.

“This grant will allow us to streamline our current processes and expand our services,” says [Sarah Mills, CEO, HCAN]. “Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to grow, serving more clients by adding new partner agencies and staff.”

HCAN’s mission is to decrease health care inequality by identifying and patching gaps in the system. It trains and coordinates Community Health Workers (CHWs) and partners with outside health care agencies to deliver the Pathways Community HUB model (Hub). The Hub model breaks down typical barriers to good health outcomes by determining obstacle categories, such as education, safety, and transportation.

HCAN has adapted to pandemic restrictions by embracing virtual methods, ensuring its clients receive uninterrupted support during an especially challenging time. As HCAN grows, LMS technology will provide a number of advantages that promise to increase the effectiveness of its CHWs.

Through the use of an LMS, CHW training curriculum can be virtually housed and delivered. CHWs will also be able to access a centralized knowledge base while in the field, resulting in more effective service delivery. The LMS provides data that can measure CHWs’ performance, which will allow staff to finetune training and ongoing education for better results.

Because the LMS will automate many processes, HCAN staff can concentrate on strategic initiatives and grow capacity for delivering the Hub model by adding and onboarding new partner agencies, expanding its reach within the community. 

“Hub clients and our community will benefit from a better-prepared work force,” says [Mills]. “The use of this technology will allow us to take our operation to a new level.”

HCAN is grateful to have been a recipient of this sizeable bi3 grant. Its leadership is hopeful that the implementation of an LMS will result in great strides forward in quality of care.

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