What is a medical home?

What is a medical home and why does it matter?

A medical home is “when a patient sees a regular doctor, and the physician’s office has full knowledge of the client’s medical history,” says LaVerne Wiley.  As a Registered Nurse, Wiley was instrumental in the development of the Community Health Worker (CHW) education and certification program at Health Care Access Now (HCAN). Although she retired […]

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CHWs Work with Clients to Improve Housing Situations

CHWs work with clients to improve housing situations

“Housing should be fair for everyone. Even if you need low-income housing or are coming through a housing program, you should still expect a standard,” says Giacoma Telich, Community Health Worker (CHW) for Health Care Access Now (HCAN). Many factors contribute to whether housing is suitable, she states. The bare minimum is “housing that does […]

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Low income housing and landlord loopholes

Low-income housing and landlord loopholes

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly called Section 8) is a part of the Housing Act of 1937. The program was initiated in the early 1970s to assist low-income households with housing costs. People who receive vouchers—usually after a lengthy stay on a waiting list—have a limited period to find a place to live. It’s […]

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Affordable housing in Cincinnati

Community Health Workers’ Housing Educations

Health Care Access Now (HCAN) trains and dispatches Community Health Workers (CHWs) to assist vulnerable people in the Cincinnati community so they can achieve good health outcomes. Using the Pathways Community HUB model (HUB), CHWs identify and help remove clients’ obstacles to a healthy life. CHWs provide Educations on each of these barriers.  One such […]

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Link between mental health and housing.

The link between housing and mental health

“She went from homeless to a stable situation.” Denise Harris, Director, Care Coordination Services at Health Care Access Now (HCAN) and Licensed Professional Counselor, tells the story of a client whose whole life improved because of a housing change. With the assistance of her HCAN Community Health Worker (CHW), this woman moved into a community […]

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Rent increasing, causing negative impact on health

Rents keep climbing, affecting health negatively

The practice of redlining, or racial segregation and discriminatory practices in the real estate industry, started to be exercised about a hundred years ago.  In many U.S. cities, certain neighborhoods were identified as “hazardous” based on the racial makeup of their inhabitants. Then, lending institutions used this information to deny home loans to people from […]

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Community Health Worker's provide access to health care.

Cathy Boston: Encouraging the greatness within

Cathy Boston’s background in Human Resources has allowed her to develop expertise in empowering people “to become their best selves.” She tells the story of how her business, STATEMENTS by Cathy Boston, LLC, came about.  In her previous position, she was responsible for internal training and development. “I was asked to do stress management training […]

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Affordable quality housing improves health.

Logan Towers provides quality housing

Imagine that you live in Over-the-Rhine in one of the only apartments you can afford. It’s unsafe, quite run-down, and the utilities aren’t reliable. When something breaks, you’re not sure if it will be fixed. You don’t have access to private transportation, and public transportation isn’t always in your budget, so you’re grateful to have […]

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Lack of affordable housing is impacting community health.

Not enough suitable housing in Cincinnati

Health can be affected by many social determinants, including access to affordable housing. If an individual struggles to make rent or mortgage payments, that person likely has limited resources for other necessities that can impact health.  According to the Center for Housing Policy, “Affordable housing alleviates crowding and makes more household resources available to pay […]

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Affordable Housing is a barrier to good health.

Seth Walsh: Elevating community

Seth Walsh, Executive Director of the College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (College Hill CURC), says it’s possible to do development right—as long as developers work with the community and stay true to its essence. College Hill CURC has been in existence for more than 20 years, and it has always been community-led. “For the […]

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