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Why join the Hub

Health Care Access Now trains and hires Community Health Workers (CHW)—but that is not all. We are also a Certified Pathways Community HUB (Hub) for the Cincinnati area. Which means we partner with agencies to help them adopt the “pathways hub model”—the same model HCAN uses to serve our clients.  

The Hub model

The pathways Hub model is an evidence-based system that CHWs use to assess their client’s need and then come up with a plan for a solution. Once the solution has been devised the CHW uses our software to track the client’s progress. When progress has been achieved the same tracking is used to bill insurance and collect payment. 

For further understand let’s consider a real life yet fictional scenario: 

“Lucy” is six months pregnant and has not been receiving prenatal care. After some discussion her Community Health Worker discovers that Lucy never tried to find a care provider because she doesn’t have money to ride the bus to the appointments. The CHW decides that the lack of transportation is Lucy’s primary barrier to care. But Lucy also needs help finding a doctor. 

As a plan of action the CHW identified two pathways that need to be completed: 1) transportation and 2) primary care home. The CHW enters these two pathways into Lucy’s account in the shared system. When a solution is found they are marked as completed and the insurance company is billed. 


CHW salary increase

The Hub model benefits all who participate; the client, the Community Health Worker and the partner organization. The client benefits because it is easier to identify and remove the barrier. The CHW benefits because they have a framework with which to work and thrive. The partner organization benefits when revenue increases

Dameta Wright, Hub Director
Dameta Wright, Hub Director

Dameta Wright, Hub Director, says, “One clear advantage for Hub partners is that the data collected for the program quantifies the work CHWs do. Partners can bill [Medicaid and other plans]. This drives revenue for partners, so they can depend less on grants, which can result in better salaries for the people who do this valuable work.”

Become a partner

We are happy to answer all your questions about partnering with us. Please direct questions to our Hub Director, Dameta Wright. Call Dameta at 513-707-5699 or email

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