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PRESS RELEASE: Health Care Access Now announces new Hub partnership with Mercy Health


Healthcare Access Now is excited to announce that Mercy Health is a new partner in the HCAN Pathways Community Hub (Hub). HCAN is the Hub for the Cincinnati region. Agencies can partner with HCAN to implement the Hub model. 

  • The Hub model breaks down typical barriers to good health outcomes by identifying obstacle categories, such as education, safety, and transportation. Community Health Workers (CHWs) use this framework to connect clients to resources that will help them improve their overall health and quality of life.
  • HCAN’s Hub partners benefit because their workers can access this process and additional training, which allows them to better serve the community. Metrics provided by partners also improve service effectiveness and help partners demonstrate the value of CHWs’ work.

Healthcare Access Now is proud to announce that Mercy Health has signed on as a new Pathways Community Hub (Hub) partner. HCAN is the Hub for the Cincinnati regional area. This partnership means an expansion of services for those members of vulnerable populations who face obstacles to good health in the Cincinnati area.

Kimberley Stephens, Manager of Prenatal Outreach with Mercy Health, says she is excited about the partnership: “The education, structure, and reporting that the Hub provides allows us to pinpoint different needs for our clients. It’s not a cookie-cutter model; everything is detailed for each client specifically.”

The Hub provides a framework for Community Health Workers (CHWs) to identify and help remove barriers to health care access for underserved populations. The Hub’s “pathway” model presents a structure that clarifies the different obstructions to health care that may exist for clients, including transportation, education, safety, and housing. Hub partnerships benefit health care organizations because their CHWs can access additional education. The metrics provided by all Hub members allow organizations to demonstrate the effectiveness of methods and resources. 

Dameta Wright, Hub Director for HCAN, says, “One clear advantage for Hub partners is that the data collected for the program quantifies the work CHWs do. Partners can bill [Medicaid and other plans]. This drives revenue for partners, so they can depend less on grants, which can result in better salaries for the people who do this valuable work.”

Each Hub partnership provides new opportunities to better serve those who do not have equal access to health care in the greater Cincinnati community. HCAN is delighted to welcome Mercy Health as a partner to the Pathways Community Hub.

Media contact:

Melinda Spong
Administrative Specialist and Development Coordinator
Office: 513-707-5696

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