Greater Cincinnati Voter Collaborative

We joined the Greater Cincinnati Voter Collaborative (You should too!)

The deadline to register to vote for the upcoming general election has passed (the deadline was Oct. 5). Those of us encouraging voter engagement now need to shift our efforts from registration to voting. We need to encourage more people to vote—especially those who might be voting for the first time.  This year there is […]

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Butler County Educational Service Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Coya Taylor: healthy babies in Butler County

As an RN and the Medicaid Program Supervisor at the Butler County Educational Service Center (BCESC), Coya Taylor supervises a group of Community Health Workers (CHWs) who are a part of a Medicaid grant for reducing infant mortality. “We’re the lead entity for the grant in Butler County, partnering with six other agencies.” “Our grant […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Health Care Access Now’s Denise Harris recognized with Cradle Cincinnati Champion for Change Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Denise Harris, Maternal and Child Health Care Coordination Supervisor for Health Care Access Now, received the Cradle Cincinnati Champions for Change Award at a virtual ceremony on Sept. 24, 2020.  Harris was recognized in the “Redesigning Outreach to Pregnant Women” category, meant to highlight excellence in providing relief and assistance during the […]

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Pathways to the Future

2020 has been a tragic year full of fear, a lot of illness and death. But Design Impact, a social justice nonprofit based in Cincinnati, Ohio, wants you to see there is a sun trying to peek through the rain clouds. In their recent Pathways to the Future report, they outline six emerging opportunities for […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Health Care Access Now seeks to end health disparities through voter engagement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Healthcare Access Now (HCAN) has initiated a campaign to eliminate health disparities by encouraging its clients to engage in their community by voting.  HCAN’s leadership and workforce believe that health inequality is a direct result of racial and socio-economic bias built into the healthcare system. HCAN acknowledges the link between health and […]

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The Federal Poverty Level is holding us back

“The current public assistance program structure creates economic disincentives for individuals to strive toward career advancement and rise out of poverty”. —Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation The Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, researches and analyzes gender based income inequities. They are the “region’s expert on the status of women’s economic self-sufficiency”. […]

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Denis Harris, Maternal and Child Health Care Coordination Supervisor

Reducing infant mortality and low birth weight with Denise Harris

Denise Harris is the Maternal and Child Health Care Coordination Supervisor for Healthcare Access Now (HCAN). That means she leads a team of five Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs) who help remove impediments for pregnant mothers, with the end goal being reduced infant mortality and low birth weight rates. Stillbirth rates vary based on ethnicity. For […]

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Dr. Collins, Health Care Access Now board chair

Dr. Robert Collins: HCAN board visionary

Dr. Robert Collins spent much of his career in private practice. He moved into administrative work as the Executive Medical Director of Bethesda North and the now-closed Bethesda Oak. While at that position, he became aware of Healthcare Access Now through a colleague who was a board member at the time.  Nine years ago, he […]

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Cincinnati Ohio City Council School Action Tank

Make your voice heard–City Council School will help

Health disparities can be overcome if the entire community is more engaged in public policy decisions. Our communities want to be more engaged with civic leaders but it’s hard to know where to begin. Is there a number to call or email to send? Who do I talk to if I have a solution for […]

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voter registration health disparities

Community Health Workers: you can address health disparities through voting

Those of us in health care circles already know there are many factors which impact a person’s health. It’s not just about access to insurance or ability to make a doctor’s appointment. Secure housing, access to food, quality education, job status and institutionalized racism are just a few factors which impact a chance at a […]

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