Denisha Porter, All-In Cincinnati Coalition

Denisha Porter: All-in with racial equity

“I get to lead a bunch of wonderful people around policy and systems change,” says Denisha Porter of her position as Director of the All-In Cincinnati Coalition. Driving solutions is her goal, and she always keeps an ear open to suggestions from and needs within the community. All-In Cincinnati works to dismantle racial inequities with […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Member HUBs create Ohio network to achieve health equity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE In Ohio, there are currently 10 Pathways Community HUB Institute Certified HUBs (HUBs). These HUBs have created a network in order to support, grow, and sustain their model, with the goal of achieving health equity for all people in Ohio. HUBs are built for and by the communities each serves. Regional organizations […]

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Racism the cause for food insecurity.

Food insecurity linked to discrimination and poorer health outcomes

If an individual or family chronically cannot access sufficient nutritious food, they are considered food insecure. This could occur for a variety of reasons, including lack of funds or access. According to the Freestore Foodbank, 270,000 people in the tri-state area are food insecure. More than 80,000 of those people are children.  People in this […]

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PRESS RELEASE: HCAN awarded $8,000 grant to support field work

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Health Care Access Now (HCAN) has received a grant in the amount of $8,000 from The HealthPath Foundation of Ohio as part of its Community Connections initiative for use in general operations. HCAN acts as the Pathways Community HUB (Hub) for the region and will apply the funds to support the work […]

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Improving Health Equity

Judith Warren: Health care equity then and now

When Health Care Access Now (HCAN) was started in 2009, the health care landscape in Cincinnati was even more divided than it is now.  Prior to HCAN’s formation, Judith Warren led the 20-county Regional Primary Care Access Initiative (RPCAI), an initiative sponsored by Interact for Health (formerly Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati). RPCAI united executives […]

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HCAN Annual Report 2019 & 2020

2019 and 2020: Expansion and focus for HCAN

2020 was a year filled with unexpected challenges—like a worldwide pandemic!—and windfalls—like large grants—for Health Care Access Now (HCAN). It was a year that HCAN used to expand on its successes of 2019 and focus its mission as it moves into the future. Here’s a summary of the last two years.  Hub capacity increase and […]

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PRESS RELEASE: HCAN Annual Report shares important data for 2019 and 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Health Care Access Now (HCAN) has released its Annual Report, which includes data about how its model and Community Health Workers (CHWs) have improved health outcomes for clients in Hamilton County in both 2019 and 2020. Despite pandemic limitations, support for clients increased between 2019 and 2020, with a 20% uptick in […]

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Sarah Mills, CEO

Sarah Mills: HCAN CEO and designer of change (Part 1)

As the CEO of Health Care Access Now (HCAN), Sarah Mills wants to achieve one important goal, which is to “have as many Community Health Workers [CHWs] in the field as necessary to address systemic barriers to health care equity.” She says her job is “in some ways, really simple: to expand [the work of […]

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Sarah Mills, CEO

Sarah Mills: HCAN CEO and designer of change (Part 2)

Sarah Mills, CEO of Health Care Access Now (HCAN), has done the math. In order to eliminate pregnancy health disparities for Black mothers in Hamilton County, there need to be at least 100 Community Health Workers (CHWs) in the field, she says.  HCAN is the Pathways Community HUB (Hub) in the Cincinnati area. The Hub […]

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Opioid Addiction Ohio

The opioid epidemic: Black community disproportionately affected

The COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated many existing societal problems, including addiction. Over the last year, “Deaths attributed to synthetic opioids, mainly fentanyl, increased 38 percent nationwide”. The Ohio death rate from opioid overdose was at its highest in 10 years during the second quarter of 2020. Three waves At the onset of the opioid crisis, […]

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