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Home visits are part of the Diabetes Care Coordination Pathway Program. The greatest benefit to this program is the support to adults living with diabetes to achieve disease self-management goals and health living. Other benefits:

1. Personalized support for coordinating care and community services
2. Accompany to doctor’s visits
3. Discuss barriers that prevent successful management of healthy living:  transportation, safe housing, healthy food
4. Personalized counseling referrals to manage emotional changes as a result of diabetes
5. Services are free
6. Personalized assistance with getting medical supplies

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Lack of transportation, finances for medications, and other poverty-related barriers often inhibit Medicaid patients from getting appropriate care, contributing to Medicaid’s increasingly high expenditures for both inpatient and emergency department care.

Medicaid and insured patients who routinely use the hospital emergency department for care or medication refills are not connected to their primary care physician or don’t have one.

Patients who routinely use the hospital emergency department for care or medication refills are not connected to their medical home which is a primary care physician, or may not have a regular dentist. HCAN offers this pathway service to hospitals and health plans as a cost effective strategy for reducing inappropriate use of costly emergency department services.

Our goal is to connect patients with medical and dental care as well as other resources they need to ensure proper treatment and disease management.

The Healthcare Insurance Marketplace is one of the benefits included in the Affordable Care Act. HCAN’s enrollment assistance offers the following services:

1. HCAN’s Certified Application Counselors target employers, and neighborhoods/communities that are identified as having low insurance coverage
2. Partnering with area churches, food pantries and soup kitchens to provide onsite enrollment
3. Certified Application Counselors provide vital information to consumers regarding how health insurance works and the steps involved with finding a health plan

Though the Marketplace  open enrollment period has ended, some individuals may still qualify to enroll under the ACA if there have been changes in their circumstances, such as a job change, marriage or birth of a child. Medicaid enrollment is ongoing.

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Focused care on pregnant women to ensure good birth outcomes and improve the health of moms and their babies. Questions or to sign up, call us at (513) 707-5697.

The Pregnancy Pathway Program is a proven national model. The benefits are as follows:
1. Reduce infant mortality
2. Improve birth outcomes
3. Reduce preterm labor
4. Address moms who have social, emotional, economic or health literacy needs concerning pregnancy
5. Identifies social barriers for woman and address them strategically
6. Ensures education on breastfeeding, safe sleep, smoking cessation and pregnancy spacing

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