Government Amendments to Improve Pregnancies

The Ohio Senate has made some bill amendments to improve pregnancies for at-risk women. The Hannah report discusses detailed information including the following, “Sen. Jones said the amendment makes a number of improvements including clarifications on reimbursements to support other initiatives targeting infant mortality and standards hubs must meet. It includes two appropriations: $2 million for grant programs aimed at maternal smoking cessation, and $2.6 million to support the three existing hubs that have shown success with birth outcomes and to establish three other hubs in the state.” Judith Warren is quoted in the article stating, “Health Care Access Now program enrolled 337 women into a pregnancy pathway program, with 78 percent being African American women who lived in Cincinnati zip codes with the highest infant mortality rates, and 85 percent of the births were full term babies. Eighty-seven percent of the moms were enrolled in a Medicaid managed care plan or regular Medicaid. She told Jones that part of the process is after-delivery care, making sure a mom is connected to a medical provider and medical education including spacing between births and smoking cessation.” Read the entire article (HERE).

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